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Breaking News: Practical Business Management November Enrolment

Quite a number are opening shops (investing) simply because that’s the only way to get money from under the current harsh economic climate. It’s a very good thing and as an institute we support that.

With all entrepreneurs at heart, TMI seeks to bridge the knowledge gap that exists in most Small and Medium Enterprises as to the effective ways of running these businesses.

It is not enough even to pass your management degree from a competent university, you need that hands on practical experience to win in the market.

Transformational Mindset institute takes that departure from academic theory to practical orientation in it’s approach to business management training.

We are training people practical business skills that will help them under the current Zimbabwean economic landscape. Quite a number have been waiting for this inaugural enrollment for they strongly feel that they need it to whip their operations into line.

Classes are scheduled to start on the 11th of November 2019

Duration: Five Days of two hours a day

Investment: US$50.00 or its ZWL Equivalence.

You get your prestigious Transformational Mindset Institute Certificate after successful completion of the course.

Once you enroll with the institute, there is a continuous practical development program that you will automatically be part of.

This program will see you being continuously monitored by the institute in terms of your application of what you would have learnt in your personal business setting.

We are taking 20 students per cohort.

Be part of the inaugural class.

Contact us on

+263 732 36 37 38 | +263 719 36 37 38 | +263 772 59 22 32 | +263 719 59 22 32



You can also register online on our website.