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Practical Business Management Short Course

Most people start business out of availability of capital and not the knowledge of how the businesses are run. This has led to many businesses winding up or suffer stunted growth. You might even wonder why your business is not growing at the rate others are doing.

There are basic practical business management principles that are universally applied by those who want to see their business survive in the Zimbabwean economy and grow beyond the existence mode to impacting the local and national economic landscape.

I have seen SMEs borrowing designed stocksheets from friends in a bid to try and account for the inventory they have. All this is evidence of lack of the basic principles I am talking about.

Transformational Mindset Institute has established it’s Kadoma Campus at Mtetwa Complex, Suite 14, 2nd Floor.

You can contact us on the following numbers

☎+263 6821 28575
📱+263 772 59 22 32
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Register online or visit our offices for practical hands on sessions in the area of your passion.