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World economies are a cumulative of enterprising efforts from micro, macro, small, medium and large organizations. This collective effort sustains families, communities, towns, cities and nations. Unemployment levels are increasing world-wide  on a daily basis and the only solution is the birth of new businesses that will take up the unemployed. You have to be part of this effort.

Starting a new business is easier said than done. That is why you may have seen that quite a number started their businesses and only survived for a season before quitting.

Just like any built to last project, starting a business calls for some form of procedure and organized approach. There are some extrapolations, permutations and rigorous thinking that needs to be done before starting a business.

I have come up with what I call THE STARTING POINT approach to starting your own business. This is applicable regardless of condition, size or perception.

T Transform your mental faculties

H Have a bankable business idea

E Explore various options

S Scan the market

T Teach yourself self discipline

A Acquire relevant information on that business

R Register your business

T Tell yourself capital is important but not an impediment

I Invest whatever amount into stock, systems, processes and procedures, and human resources

N Network extensively

G Grow your influence

P Position your business strategically

O Organise your activities & resources professionally

I Invite experts to assist you in your business

N Never look down on customers/clients

T Take time with your employees, train them

Like I said before, starting and running a sustainable business calls for some form of order and procedure. The above approach is not meant to be the magna cater to starting  or running a successful business, but forms essential procedures that when followed, will help come up with a sound business.

My next issue is going to speak into the first point of Transforming your mental faculties.