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The world is waiting for your contribution

We only live on this planet once and we die – so take great care of every single step you make, every single decision you make, every single minute you have, every single opportunity that comes your way for all these cannot present themselves twice to you.

We live in a world that so much revolves on innovation, continuous improvement and personal development. Do you want to be left behind? If you see yourself home in the evening without having learnt something new, then tell yourself “I am now a day behind”. The world is moving at too fast a pace that you need to always be on your toes to catch up and lead the way.

The “jump into the bandwagon mentality” has led us to where we are today – miserable and robbed of transformation and innovative ideologies. The world no longer needs people who continuously want to jump onto the bandwagon, it requires crafters of new wagons that are steered into completely different directions for exploration and exploitation of opportunities. We want ground breakers, people who challenge the status core. Those that seek beyond the now and then. These are the game changers the world is yelling for.

Tell yourself in the face that, it all begins with me. Be the change that you would want to see in the world. If you still have breath within, do exploits! Allow your mind to wonder in the jungle. See the lions, the cheetah and the leopards in the jungle. Think beyond the ordinary, don’t be consumed by fear ato only think the obvious, buy a gun and kill them in the name of protecting self and others. Buy a fence and create a zoo or a game park that will make you attract tourists and earn United States Dollars.

You and you alone are what the whole world is waiting for to make the difference for everyone to see and benefit from. Don’t look at others and point fingers at them to change the world for you. You can also do it. The race is unique just as you’re unique. You are a rare breed created to impact the world, so what are you waiting for? You have everything within you to do it. You need no any external input. It should indeed be from inside out. Engage, impact and transform the world.

Play your part as long as you have breath within.