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Women in the workplace

Is it possible to juggle career and family all at once? Can you raise your voice in advocating for better/flexible hours? Do male counterparts take you seriously or discrimination is rife? Is there a chance of career advancement without sacrificing the family bond? These are some of the key questions facing women as they try to build their corporate careers.

Women have a substantial role to play towards economic development but it can only be successful with the right support structures in place. Gone are the days when women’s major roles were child bearing and managing their homes full time. They should be encouraged to make a contribution to the economy by turning their hobbies such as baking, weaving, dressmaking, hairdressing and so many more into money making ventures. However they shouldn’t be restricted to using only those skills but extend their ambitions into electronics, mechanics, welding etc. which are mainly dominated by their male counterparts.

With the right attitude, enough ambition and enough support – women can enjoy a place at the table and earn financial freedom in the process!