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You’ll become what you always talk about

We can all agree that, by joining any business related group, one would want to hear business related issues or at least something that motivates them to go that extra mile in their business despite the hardships.

It is upon this background that, starting from a personal level, it is the type of conversations that you engage in that ultimately determines who you will become in life and business.

A renowned Zim motivational speaker, Arthur Marara says, it doesn’t make sense changing your handset in the name of upgrading without changing the contacts. You can’t even save that important contact of a business champion you’ve met today because your sim and phone memory is full.

For a radical forward leap in life, it requires a radical departure from mere associations and mere talk. Take stock of the contacts in your phone and reflect on them. Are they all necessary? When last have you spoken to them and about what?

If you want to grow, change the type of conversations you engage in by first upgrading self in terms of principles that dictates your personality. Ask yourself a question, who do I always talk to? And what do we always talk about? Will that pull or push you up to some better levels or it’s consuming you leaving you at mud-level. The big question is “Are your conversations in line with your principles, vision and mission?”

Unless we change the types of conversations in our life, groups and circles, we will always culminate into what we always talk about. Always talk *Shit*, you will become it, talk *success* you’ll become successful, talk *nonsense* you’ll become nonsense.

*It is a matter of fact that we grow in the direction of our conversations*. Stop affiliating to everything that comes your way for you are a purposeful being, wonderfully and fearfully made to impact the world.

Be selective in your approach to relationships. You’re forced to say certain things due to certain associations. Have you ever spent a day at Mbare Musika, a week or a month? If you’re not principled enough, your language and words selection will be compromised. You eventually become one of them.

What is your talking bringing to the listening ear, comfort? Joy? Sorrow? New strategies? Happiness or misery? Every person has power over what they say.

John Maxwell once said, between stimulus and response, one has the ability to choose. Words have creative power and we shouldn’t create situations and circumstances that will make us regret a minute after. The wars that you hear in the Middle East, the fights that you hear about and the divorces that are recorded are mostly as a result of conscious and unconscious wording.

You’ll always become what you constantly talk about. It is a fact that you will grow in the direction of your conversations.

*_By Kudzanai Vere –Transformational Speaker | Author | Founder and Director of Programs at Transformational Mindset Institute | Founder and Executive President of Premium Business Network International | Co – Founder and CEO of Kudfort | Commissioner of Oaths | Certified Business & Entrepreneurship Coach | Certified Professional Life Coach | Certified Forensic Practitioner | Certified Forensic Accountant | Certified Public Accountant | Registered Public Accountant_*

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