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personal development

Our Personal Development programme is a course for those who want to be impactful in life, those who want to discover their life purpose and live life to the fullest. Life without a purpose is meaningless. Personal development in the words of Brian Tracy is not something what happens to you, but something you choose to do. Our programme helps participants come up with a clear and concise personal life development plan for their intentional personal growth. Quite a number claim to have a PLDP but if you ask them to produce one, then the problem starts.


The course examines the diverse aspects that one needs to inculcate in their daily living in their quest for effectiveness and impact. The programs help you frame your mind into taking a holistic approach to life. Personal growth should not be one sited. Even the bible in Luke chapter 2 verse 52 spoke of Jesus growing in a number of facets, “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.” Of critical importance in the course is the inclusion of the most failed subject of balancing personal and public life.


Our always oversubscribed course takes participants through a thorough process that leads them into becoming of impact in the market place. The programs follows the Six Pack Approach to becoming of impact in the marketplace as espoused in the book, Becoming of Impact in the Marketplace by Kudzanai Vere


organisational development

Our Organisation Development (OD) programme is actually a course for the game changers in business. The few who have decided to make a difference in the way they run and manage their organisations. This program is results oriented.

Organisational development (OD) is defined by practitioners and theorists in different ways, due in part to its complexity. Essentially, it is a deliberately planned, organisation-wide effort to increase an organisation’s effectiveness and /or to enable an organisation to achieve its strategic goals.

It encompasses both the theory and practice of planned, systemic change in the attitudes, beliefs and behaviour of employees through long-term training programmes. It is often described as action-oriented. Typically, it starts with careful organisation-wide diagnosis of the status quo and needs. It is inherently interdisciplinary, drawing upon techniques from the behavioural sciences, predominantly sociology and psychology (including theories of learning, motivation and personality). Emerging related fields include capacity development, systems thinking, complexity thinking, clinical epidemiology and organisational learning.

Characteristics of Organisation Development.

  • OD focuses on culture and processes,
  • OD encourages collaboration between organization leaders and members,
  • Particularly important for accomplishing tasks and are targets for OD activities,
  • OD focuses on the human and social side of the organization in so doing also intervenes in the technological and structural sides.
  • Participation and involvement in problem solving and decision making by all levels of the organization are hallmarks of OD.
  • OD focuses on total system change and views organizations as complex social systems.
  • OD practitioners are facilitators, collaborators and co-learners with the client system.
  • OD relies on an action research model with extensive participation by client system members.
  • OD takes a developmental view that seeks the betterment of both individuals and the organization.